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Wedding/Event Florals
We offer wedding florals, from a la cart, to the full package.  Please email me to get the ball rolling.  We also offer DIY buckets for those on a budget, and can work with whatever your budget may be.  Here is a list of the general pricing of designed pieces:

Bridal Bouquet- $200 and up
Boutonniere- $25
Wrist Corsage (with bendable brass cuff)- $40 and up
Bridesmaids Bouquet- $80 and up
Flower Crown- $80 and up
Table Arrangements (depends on size and how fancy)- Typically $60- $350+
Floral Arch Swag- $325 and up
Delivery/Setup= $70/hr.



Wedding Contract

Wizard's Way Flower Farm (W.W.F.F.) appreciates the opportunity to contribute our floral
services to your wedding day. Our goal is to provide you with high quality flowers and designs,
as well as make every effort to ensure that you are provided with exceptional floral services, and
ultimately, presented with an unforgettable wedding day.
Please carefully review the following terms of our proposal and billing procedures:
1.A 50% deposit is required to secure the date of your wedding/event and to continue the design
process. Due to the time spent on planning and designing your wedding/event, the deposit
amount is not refundable for any reason.
2.To ensure a high level of quality product, W.W.F.F. reserves the right to make
appropriate floral substitutions when necessary. In this case, the integrity of the
proposed color scheme will be maintained and the flowers of equivalent value
will be used. Please inform us if there are flowers you deem as unacceptable alternatives. Due to
the nature of organic materials, W.W.F.F. cannot be held responsible for variations in color or
size of flowers.
3. All vases, containers, liners, arches, lighting, etc. used for your wedding/event
belong to W.W.F.F. unless stated otherwise on your floral estimate. You are responsible for
returning all rented items to W.W.F.F. the week following your wedding OR we will retrieve
these items from your event location(s) for a fee. In the event that rental items are missing or
damaged, W.W.F.F. will contact you with the amount due and charge your credit card on file,
unless you have provided another method of payment at that time.
4. If you choose to provide your own vases/containers, we will need these items at the farm no
less than 7 days prior to your event. All containers should be delivered to W.W.F.F. in the
condition you would like them used. (Clean, polished, free of tags and debris).
5. Your final balance is due no later than 3 weeks (21 days) prior to your wedding/event. Any
change in the number of floral needs must be finalized at this time. Any items added or changed
after this date will be invoiced at the time of order and charged to the credit card on file unless
you have provided another method of payment at that time. Unfortunately, with last minute
changes, W.W.F.F. cannot guarantee that your same flowers will be available on orders made
less than three (3) weeks prior to the wedding, but we will work diligently on your behalf to
match your color and style as closely as possible. There is no refund for the removal of items as
the flowers/seed will have already been purchased. If possible, flowers ordered for these
(unwanted) items will be added to upgrade other arrangements.
6. I understand that if I fail to make payment in full as scheduled, my flowers will not be ordered
and this agreement is no longer valid; I may be subject to cancellation fees.
7. Delivery, set-up, “flipping,” relocating, and rental retrieval fees are quoted based
on the information provided during the initial consultation. You may incur
additional fees due to changes to your design or logistical plan, restrictions made
by venues or other vendors, multiple delivery locations (i.e. hotels, bridal suites,
or bakeries), or unexpected/unplanned labor required on site. W.W.F.F. will charge
your credit card on file unless you have provided another method of payment for
any additional fees.
8. W.W.F.F. is limited by the rules and guidelines of the location(s) and site
management. Negotiation with the officials for moderation of guidelines is the
responsibility of Client; W.W.F.F. will offer technical recommendations only.
Reimbursements will not be made for unused items due to venue limitations not
communicated to W.W.F.F.
9.Photographs: W.W.F.F. would like to feature photographs of your wedding event
on the W.W.F.F. website and social media. We respectfully request your written
consent to grant W.W.F.F. permission to utilize your wedding images as
W.W.F.F. product, in promoting and showcasing our wedding business.
Please grant permission specifically for those images that either: (1) were taken
by W.W.F.F. directly, (2) were provided to W.W.F.F. by the wedding
photographer. This includes both hard copy and / or digital images with the
intent of being utilized on the W.W.F.F. website and affiliated modes of social
networking. Any photographs of your wedding event in W.W.F.F. possession
will not be for resale.
W.W.F.F. reserves the right to cancel this contract if, at any time, W.W.F.F. feels
that the obligations cannot be met. In the event of fire, natural disaster, tragedy, or
other emergency, W.W.F.F. will credit the amount toward another day minus any
actual costs incurred up to that point that Client informs W.W.F.F.
W.W.F.F. will happily provide all the services specified in your Wedding Proposal/
Wedding Order, and work with you as any adjustments need to be made, up until
your wedding date. We guarantee our presence at the places and at the times
This completed form, along with the 50% deposit as outlined on your floral
proposal or discussed with W.W.F.F., will secure our services for your wedding/
event. By signing below, you agree to the terms of this agreement.

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