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DIY/Flowers by the Bucket


Email us about the details of your order (number of buckets, colors, date of desired pick-up) and we will get back to you promptly.  After an agreement on order details is made, we will send a confirmation email including:  order total, details of your order, and pick-up date. Once this confirmation email is sent, no cancellations are accepted.  

  • What sets us apart from most DIY Buckets that other farmers sell is that instead of having to buy premium, focal flowers separately (ie dahlias, ranunculus, tulips, roses, etc), we include some of those in our DIY Buckets.  You won't need to worry about ordering beautiful, focal flowers separately!  Most DIY Buckets being sold from other farms contain no focal flowers, and require you to order separately.  We make it easy on you, and include these.  So while our price may seem a little higher, you are actually saving money if you want focals.

  • Buckets include AT LEAST 7 bunches of flowers (10 stems per bunch) = at least 70 stems

  • Combination of flowers that go well together, including focal flowers (example: dahlias, ranunculus, roses, tulips, peony...whatever is in season)

  • Grower's choice

  • Mixed colors= "farmer's choice" $120.00

  • Specific colors- your palette (when available)= $130.00

  • Foliage/Filler/Greenery only= $100.00 per bucket

  • Pick-up at farm. Delivery can be arranged for a fee.

  • 2 weeks advanced notice appreciated

  • Email us to confirm

  • Payment due upon pick-up

  • Orders over $100.00 must pay 50% deposit upon confirmation of order

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