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Seasonal, sustainable, fresh-cut flowers
Ashland, OR
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Here at Wizard's Way Flower Farm, we are committed to local, seasonal, and sustainable flowers.  Every flower we sell is fresh-cut, and grown with care on the farm.  We are committed to sustainable practices, and giving back to the soil.  Soil health and Integrated Pest Management are very important to us, and to the health of our farm.  Although we are not organic-certified, we do follow organic practices, and use organic inputs.  We offer fresh- cut bouquets from our local farm-stand,  sell flowers by the bucket and to florists, and offer florist services for weddings and events.  Check us out on Instagram and Facebook to see what's currently blooming.

Wizards Way Flower Farm is a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.  We are bee-friendly (we have two hives on-site), and are working towards getting our 'Salmon-Safe' and 'American-Grown' certifications.  Farm established in 2016.


















Carly, the owner-operator, has a B.S. in Horticulture, specializing in Ecological and Sustainable Practices, from Oregon State University.  Rest assured that when you buy from us, you are supporting a healthier ecological community.  Furthermore, you are supporting our little family of two (mom and son Waylon), and the community in which we reside.  Thank you!


Click on any picture to scroll through our Instagram feed.  Come check out what's blooming!





Wedding/Event Florals

DIY/ Flowers by the Bucket

Check out our mobile farm-stand in South Ashland, just off HWY 66, at mile marker 4 before Emigrant Lake.

4880 Hwy 66.

Check socials for open days.

Buy our flowers by the bucket, to design yourself.  A cost-effective choice for weddings, events, or restaurants.

We would love to supply seasonal floral arrangements for your wedding. Click below to get the nitty gritty.

Why Local?

Why Local?


Buying local flowers is just as important as buying local produce.  Some benefits:

  • You are supporting local business.  Keep your money local by buying from us.  We try to buy local when we can too!

  • Local flowers are the freshest flowers you will be able to buy.  We harvest our flowers every day, so your blooms will be less than a day old!

  • They smell great.  Most flowers bought from the supermarket are days or weeks old; that means they lose their amazing smell.  Buy from us, and you will actually be able to smell your flowers.

  • They are sustainable.  Store-bought flowers are usually from South America or the Netherlands.  This means they've been shipped, stored, and oftentimes, sprayed with known carcinogens.  When you buy from us, you can rest-assured that you are buying a more sustainable, healthier product.


Support local, and know you are supporting: your community, your health, and your local ecosystem.  It's the Wizard's Way!


Contact Us

4880 Hwy 66

Ashland, OR


Tel: 805-453-6680

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